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Company News

MDA LAOS Paksong Farm 2nd business trip to central Vietnam 『2021-03-02』

  • MDA (mdaeng)
  • 2021-03-19 16:09:00
  • hit635

MDA is developing an approximately 152ha medium-sized agricultural complex in Laos.
The fruit plantation covers an area of about 131 ha, and the main crops are macadamia (about 70 ha), avocado (about 60 ha), and coffee (about 2 ha).
The 2nd business trip consisted of MDA CEO Insoo Song and staff in charge of visiting Macadamia and Avocado Farms located in the central region of Vietnam.

It was a place to visit farms and nurseries to reinforce know-how on cultivation of fruit trees and research on the farm operation system based on the results of the first business trip, and discuss related contents in-depth. Based on this, we plan to accelerate the development of farms in Laos by selecting seedlings and establishing planting plans in the future.

The Paksong Farm Project aims to secure a long-term future growth engine by securing healthy food and establishing a new agricultural base that links primary and secondary industries.

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