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Company News

MDA, Attended the ceremony for the completion of the Hanwha Aerospace engine parts factor『 2018-12-0

  • MDA (mdaenc)
  • 2018-12-06 19:14:00
  • hit340
December 6 (on Thursday) at 10 am We attended the ceremony for the completion of the Hanhae
Aerospace engine parts factory at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park.
Kim Seung-yon CEO of the company said "The Hanwha Aerospace plant in Vietnam will play akey
role in helping Hanwha Group become a global aviation engine company"
"We hope that the advanced manufacturing technology realized here will contribute to the development of the aviation industry and the precision machining industry in Vietnam and will serve as a basis for deepening the synergy and mutual growth between the two countries."
"As a member of the Vietnamese community, Hanwha will continue to pay attention not only to its contribution through its business activities, but also to environmental issues, which are the main issues in the world."
MDA E & C completed the Hanwha Aerospace Plant in 10 months from last year, and attended the completion ceremony as a constructor.
We look forward to the development of Hanwha Aerospace in Vietnam in the future.

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