Growing with Employees

MDA has put a lot of effort into improving employee benefits and quality of life so that employees can adapt to pleasant working conditions and local life in Vietnam.

항목 지원사항
Vacation 2 vacations per year while working in Vietnam (Korean employees)
Uniform provision Uniforms given for the convenience and sense of unity
Vehicle support Company vehicles supported for work-related trips, including commute
Meals Lunch provided, the charge for dinner supported in case of night shift
Dormitory Dormitory provided at no charge and living expenses supported (Korean employees)
Health Checkup Annual health checkup
Unity meetings and workshops Conducted at least once a year
Congratulations and condolences program Payments for reasons such as marriage, the 70th birthday or condolence
Bonuses and rewards Performance-based bonuses and rewards
Support for club operation Operating expenses supported to encourage hobby pursuits and socialization with colleagues
Accident Insurance Supports accident insurance in case of accident